Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hangin on the Edge and Rockin some Chicken Livers! :)

Man oh man, What a memorial day weekend! I love the feeling of getting to re-coop after a long weekend. I ended up sleeping-in till three this last Monday because I was so tired from all that went on Friday-Sunday! I had a couple events I was doing music at on Sunday, one at Kentwood Community Church and one in Lansing. I also got to talk with few individuals about what I'm doing at the mission with the youth program which was good. Saturday night I was out at the Edge Urban Fellowship (the hip-hop church in Grand Rapids I'm a part of) with one of the guys from the mission. That particular night of worship was a really special and encouraging blessing to me. I've actually been able to take a couple guys from the mission out there with me on Saturday nights. The Edge has a pretty unique environment compared to most churches you may have been to, there are a lot of really hardcore Jesus followers there, but yet it doesn't feel all "churchy" if you will, just some very raw and genuine people seeking to please God in their neighborhood and live out the Truth of Christ's love unashamedly without compromise. Its been a really cool way to build some relationships with the guys, spend some time in worship, hearing some solid truths form God's word, and getting a chance to talk some about life and God and what the connection between the two of them is looking like in our day to day lives. Below is a promo video for the Edge, check it out! This place has become both my church family and an outreach ministry that has been very cool to be a part of.

Monday night I did something I haven't done in a while, I went and picked up a fishing license and some chicken livers and tried my luck with some cat-fishing. I ended up having a really cool talk with this guy I met at Kollen Park. I told him I wanted to figure out how to fish lake Macatawa (thats a lake connected to Lake Michigan, it flows right into a couple blocks from downtown Holland) with some fairly consistent success because it would be a really cool thing to do with some of the young guys I'm mentoring. Fishing is a really good chance to talk about life, and who doesn't like the thrill of hauling a 10 lb plus catfish out of the water? After I told him I wanted to figure it out so I could take kids out fishing from the youth program, he totally went to town telling me about every little trick in the book about that lake, when and where to go, what kind of gear to get, what kind of gear not to get. It was really cool, and I'm excited to try some of it! hopefully he wasn't blowin' smoke, but he sure seemed like he knew what he was talking about! Time will tell... :)